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We encourage feedback

We encourage feedback

Dear Youth Leaders! This is a call for response!

It is to be recalled that recently you accomplished trainings on “Dialogue Initiative for Ethiopian Youth Leaders on Federal Governance, Democracy and Peace” organized in 5 cohorts for 4 days each. We well recognize that the dialogue in the training process had been very active and so encouraging to replicate at different stages throughout the country. We still have high expectations that the youth leaders who came together from different sectors throughout the country would further share your experience with at least 10 others.

Given the enthusiasm exhibited during the trainings, we gained confidence the youth leaders thus orient others at their places of work or in your constituency about the essence of the dialogue on the identified issues. This message was put across by the organizing paganizations of both the CDCB and Forum for Federations towards conclusion of the training sessions. The training participants appreciated the idea and promised to act accordingly.

Even though we have not received sufficient feedback so far, we believe it is not too late; yet it is time to rekindle for your swift action. We expect that all youth leaders who took part in the training programme shall communicate with us via the online address provided by our IT experts. We want to see replication of the dialogue in some kind of image – photo, video or sketch – that reflect activities of the youth extending their outreach. We will organize a consultative  session and issue Certificate of Best Performance for best performing youth leaders at the end of the project.

We need not complain of not receiving the messages so far since we would not say it is too late as for now to attain best performance to share with us. We do not encourage unnecessary delay either because time lapse would likely create memory loss on issues we needed to pass to those we select to work with to cascade themes of the training.

We would like to uplift the spirit of working together to bring about the desirable change in governance and peace building in our country. Please, therefore, send us your feedback including inquiries if need be at least in 15 days. As an alternative, you can post on cdcb2020@gmail.com


Amanuel Adnew

Executive Director 

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