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CDCB conducts Assessment on Community Risk in Borana Zone

CDCB conducts Assessment on Community Risk in Borana Zone

Center for Development and Capacity Building (CDCB) conducted community Risk Assessment focusing on natural and manmade hazards identification in Boraan Zone for over 20 days (July 27, 2023– August 25, 2023). The assessment was done under project titled “Integrating Peace-building, Development and Humanitarian Efforts” (IPDHE), under implementation in partnership with the Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) with the financial support from Austrian Development Agency (ADA) aimed at strengthening resilience capacity of the community.

The assessment focused on issues such as Hazard Identification; Community Risk and Vulnerability Assessment; Resource Mapping; and Indigenous Institutions’ Capacity Assessment. In this connection, community members from 10 localities (5 from a District) were selected to provide information on the current situation of their respective areas. Out of these issues of hazards, the selected community members prioritized the risks in their own context based on their vulnerability to which they have been frequently exposed as measured in terms of frequency and duration as practiced in the Gadaa (8 year) cycles.  

The traditional community support practiced in the Borana Zone (Buusaa Gonofaa) was taken into consideration with an understanding that it is possible to positively contribute towards efforts of the community for resilience.  Finally, an action plan was prepared for intervention during the project period based on the priorities identified by the community members for the project implementation period.

To this effect, the capacity of the community to withstand the hazards were pinpointed so that the gaps would be filled as much as possible by the IPDHE project.

Upon return of the assessment team to the head office following accomplishment of its task, the CDCB evaluated the outcomes on the basis of the mission report presented this morning. Following the report presented, relevant staff members of the CDCB gave their comments to enrich the document in the form of inputs incorporated into the document for reference during project implementation and beyond.  

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