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About CDCB

Center for Development and Capacity Building (CDCB) is local think-thank civil-society establishing in 2012 initiated by a group of practitioners, civic organization leaders and academia with the view of working in partnership with the regional states and local governments.

For the last three years we have been contacting different government institutions, government officials and institutions with track record in development and gained appreciations

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We partner with other such renown Organizations.

Our Achievements

Major areas of achievements


Strategic Plan Development

The Organization’s five years strategic plan was prepared. The five year strategic plan identified six thematic areas and its implementation strategies which is under implementation since January, 2015-2020

Forums and Dialogue

CDCB serves as a catalyst for government,academia, private and civil societies to discuss on various socio economic and political issues that could enhance sustainable peace and development. CDCB organized various forums and platforms to generate policy inputs, to provide evidences for its advisory services, and to design innovative projects


Research and Training

Undertook inventory of researches and initiated new researches and organized various trainings for senior leadership, on institutional capacity development, youth peace-building, women political participations, women’s rights, rural entrepreneurship, research and development and various tailor-made trainings


CDCB’s Innovative Project

The urban agriculture innovative project is being implemented by the Center in Sandafa Bake District. The project was aimed at improving the livelihood of the displaced farmers due to investment and urban expansion in the area. The ultimate objective of the project was to create a model urban agriculture practicing community in Oromia Special Zone Surrounding Finfinne. In general, CDCB design/implement research and development projects, on leadership and institutions capacity development; implemented/implementing: health and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, good governance, women empowerment, youth peace activism, peace building, youth and women business development and entrepreneurship, urban agriculture and community mobilization projects. CDCB works with various donors, funding agencies and partners, the fact that CDCB uses highly qualified volunteer professionals working at various national and international research and development activities ensure the quality of its project design, implementation, monitory and evaluation. The experience of our organization in publishing periodicals bearing best achievements keeps motivating our donors for continuous partnership.


Forums and Dialogue

organized a number of forums and consultative meetings that brought together its major stakeholders. The major once include: DCB technical subgroups conducted large number of consultative forums and workshops in generating, enriching and developing proposals that were submitted to the regional government (the President and his advisory team in 2015). Youth peace dialogues, political parties’ dialogues are some to mention


CDCB’s Technical Team

The ultimate objective of CDCB is to create a platform for individuals and groups interested to voluntarily contribute their skill, knowledge and experiences to the development of their community and country. Hence, CDCB identified six thematic areas of intervention and priorities. Under each thematic area designed modalities of engagement for volunteers to contribute their knowledge, skill and expertise. Accordingly, core technical teams comprising senior experts were established under each thematic area (Leadership and Governance, Economic Development sector, Environment and Natural Resources, Social sector, Culture and Urbanization and Urban Development). Each team organized various consultative meetings of experts to further develop their proposals and means of implementation to regional government leadership.


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Major Programs
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Technical Team


We partner with other such renown Organizations.

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