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Case study on Urban Agriculture

December 20, 2021 - In Public Works

The contribution of urban agriculture in income generation, employment generation and food security is indispensable. However, this huge opportunity is overlooked; it is with this understanding that CDCB initiated a project entitled “Urban Rural Linkage and Urban Agriculture for livelihood diversification and food security in Oromia Special zone surrounding Finfinnee” in 2014. The long-term objective of the project is to influence policy makers and development actors to give due attention to this overlooked opportunity and address the challenges fast urbanization processes in Central Oromia. It was a one year project with a limited budget given its expected outcome. Although the project faced out more than a year ago CDCB is still working towards the realization of the project objectives with its own meager resources and with the limited support of its partners; nevertheless, this didn’t bring the project to the expected level. Given the urgency of the challenges of urbanization and timely nature of the project it is apparent to call upon development actors and all concerned stakeholder and citizen to support the realization of the project. Hence, this document is to briefly communicate the project to potential partners, government body and concerned citizens to support the initiative.

The document is divided into three parts:

  • part one gives highlights of the project,
  • part two briefly describes major activities carried out and their influences.
  • Finally, part three points out key challenges and areas of intervention to realize the project objectives.

CDCB kindly requests interested individuals, organizations and potential partners to support the project taking into account areas of intervention indicated in way-forward part (Part-III) of this document.

  • Case-study-Urban-Agriculture-Final-Amanuel.pdf pdf (0kb) [ download ]

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