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CDCB-5 years SPM

December 21, 2021 - In Public Works

This Strategic plan has been published with the financial support of the Civil Societies Support Program (CSSP). The contents of the Strategic plan are the sole responsibilities of CDCB and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the CSSP.

This strategic plan document begins with introductory section consisting of a general background, detailed description of the planning process followed by statements of institutional mission, vision, and core values and analysis of regional/national opportunities and challenges and institutional strengths and weaknesses.

Following and against this backdrop, the document presents an articulation of 7 key strategic objectives over the next five years.

The strategic objectives thus identified are:

  • enhancing institutional capacity and public image of CDCB;
  • supporting institutions and leadership of the region through capacity building training and strategic advisory services;
  • undertaking researches on regional development potentials and challenges;
  • undertaking applied researches relevant to the region’s inst itutions/sectors;
  • improving the link between development research and public policy;
  • strengthening the integration of cultural resources and indigenous knowledge into federal and regional public policy and implementation;
  • introducing innovative development projects/programs.

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