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CDCB RH Project summary

December 22, 2021 - In Public Works

CDCB has been organizing and facilitating series of consultative workshops, panel discussions and other discussion forums so as to build

consensus and common understanding on the importance of financing RH/FP services and on the need for increased political commitment to ensure the provision of quality RH/FP information and services in Oromia Region. CDCB has tabled for discussion some critical issues and encouraged and motivated concerned bodies to take actions to improve the regional RH/FP policy and services. Thus, as part of its continued effort to support the region in addressing the critical gaps in RH/FP programs and service delivery, CDCB has decided to compile this project summary as it serves as a springboard to learn from its Phase I experience and implement Phase II of the project with better efficiency and higher impact.

This project summary also helps to:

  • Communicate the project results with its stakeholders During its two years implementation of the first phase of the project, the project has achieved a lot in bringing to the attention of the region’s leaders at regional and zonal levels the RH/FP issues. It made different capacity-building interventions to help for officials and experts understand and include RH/FP programs and services in the regional state’s plan. Following these capacity-building trainings, different workshops and consultative meetings were organized at different levels to create discussion forums for the leadership on the gaps of existing RH policy, program, and system in the region. Thus, it is very important to let stakeholders know what CDCB has achieved so far and identify what remains to be done for its next intervention in phase II of the project.
  • Urge policy makers and implementing institutions to consider RH/FP issues in their planning and programming.
  • Remind policy makers and decision makers the important points raised to improve the reproductive health programs and address system-level challenges in the region during the first phase of the project during various workshops and panel discussions.
  • Identify priorities for next interventions

The second phase of this project is also expected to be a continuation of the first one, and more importantly, an opportunity to scale up CDCB’s impact and practice the real inputs of its previous inputs generated from the two years effort exerted to address the RH/FP issues in the region. Thus, CDCB hopes that this project summary will help the Oromia Health Bureau, CCRDA and other stakeholders to reach an agreement on the next focus areas of the project.

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