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Invesment Consulation Workshop Point For Discussion Final Version

December 23, 2021 - In Public Works

Investment activities have multi-faceted opportunities in socio-economic development and challenges or negative externalities with impacts ranging from local to national levels. The role of government in this regard is to minimize the challenges and maximize the opportunities of investments. This demands efficient institutional framework, appropriate legal and regulatory framework that realizes the intended policy objectives of investment (local employment creation, revenue generation, technology transfer and socially and environmentally friendly). The Oromia Investment Commission is established to ensure these policy objectives.
The commission made remarkable achievements since its establishment in terms of the investment objectives. However, CDCB learned from the consultation with the commission’s research team and management members that there are a number of challenges facing the commission. Given the expected increase in the demand for investment in Ethiopia in general and Oromiya in particular addressing the existing challenges and setting appropriate institutional framework is believed to be important.

Accordingly, after a consultation between CDCB and the commission’s management, the two parties reached at consensus on the need to undertake a study. Consequently, organizing a consultation workshop to engage key stakeholders, (officials of the region, professionals in the area, and other institutions having strong linkage with the commission) was recommended to be the first step. To facilitate and prepare agenda for the workshop, team of professionals was formed from CDCB and the commission.

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