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Economic Empowerment

It is fact that if each segment of a society is well empowered economically then that is the moment of indication of once nation has developed with this believe CDCB works to empower woman and youths.

  • Women Economic Empowerment
  • We do believe that when a woman have the power to make their own money and have control of how they can use it this dose not only empowering women’s economically but it is surly one of the best way to help reduce poverty in general with this clear understanding we engage our self on a development program of woman economic empowerment. So as to achieve this we do provide an innovative business skill development training, incubate young woman entrepreneurs so that they can engage on innovative and technology-based business and help them establish highly woman driven Business networks.

  • Youths Economic Empowerment
  • Youths as a dynamic and most energetic wing of the society, CDCB works to economically empower youths through creating a good business platforms and provision of tailored trainings on entrepreneurship, Business skill development, establishing young business man networks as our major sub segment of development program.

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