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Community Dialogues on Human, Democratic and Women Rights.

Community Dialogues on Human, Democratic and Women Rights.

CDCB is implementing the Women Empowerment Project in the Barek district of Oromia Special zone surrounding Finfinnee in coordination with the Women, Youth and Children office with financial support from the Canadian Fund for local initiatives. The project conducts series of dialogues on the human, democratic and women rights among women residing in kebeles, female teachers, and students of schools found in the district with the facilitation of ‘Leading Women’ who had received TOT training.

As continuation of these dialogues, the center has organized platforms for girls in:

  1. Girrar Barek primary school
  2. Cheebii primary school
  3. Lage Bolo primary school
  4. Sirree Goyyo Primary school and
  5. Ripha /Hundee primary School

From February 8-5, 2021.

A total of 2331 female students including female teachers have attended the dialogues and made thorough discussion on women’s rights, roles, and responsibilities in light of the general Human and Democratic Rights.

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