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Lake Dambal Conservation Forum (LDCF) was Established at Batu (Ziway) Town


Lake Dambal Conservation Forum (LDCF) was Established at Batu (Ziway) Town

Following the establishment of ‘Walda Baraarsa Hara Dambal’ with equivalent meaning -Association for Saving Lake Dambal on March 7, 2021, CDCB has again organized a workshop that brought the three major stakeholders (Community Association, Private Sector, and Government officials) together on March 13, 2021. The workshop has aimed at creating a forum on which the community association:

  1. Announce the establishment of the association to the partners
  2. Communicate their annual plan to the partners
  3. Discuss the way forward especially on how to share roles and responsibilities
  4. Reach on Consensus on the establishment of the Forum.

Accordingly, all representatives of these partners have attended the workshop, discussed on the above issues and decided to work together to save the lake.

Previous Community Association to save Lake Dambal has been Established.

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