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Training on the concept and practice of peace and tourism in Batu

Training on the concept and practice of peace and tourism in Batu

For every community coming together and working for a common good is beneficiary for both society as well as the country on a bigger scale and involving the youth in this process is pivotal. This can help in strengthening peace, beautifying city and advertising there town. Here in CDCB, we have taken the initiative to bring this trend in few societies so that the youth can work together and bring a great outcome.

Center for development and capacity building (CDCB) started  giving a training on “Peace – tourism” which is part of the project “Strengthening and Scaling up Youth Peace Agents” for Batu volunteers at Oromia State University for three days on December 22 2021. On the first day of   the training various reasons for conflict were discussed, as well as community relations to conflict. Detailed topics on understanding tourism, concepts of peace tourism, and their practice in Batu were briefly covered as well on the second day of the training.

We wrapped up this training yesterday by discussing on how the trainees can use different approaches in order to promote peace and tourism and be an advocate for peace tourism development. Along with this there was a planning session in which they initiated and set a plan of action for the next three month for the upcoming project of peace-tourism community project to be implemented in Batu. This project is believed to bring change in the community and help promote peace along with tourism.

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