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Training on Digital Peace Building DAY-1

Training on Digital Peace Building DAY-1

In a world where technology has become the fastest growing phenomena, it is impossible not to associate our lives with the digital world and be affected by it in some way. This massive platform has presented various ways to communicate, share ideas and spread information in a way that is accessible and easy for almost every one. Like every outlets that are available, the digital world has its own pro’s and con’s and can be used for the goods or the bad.

CDCB has started a three day training on “Digital Peace Building” in Shashemane at Hamilton Hotel for volunteers from Batu, Negele and Shashemane for three days. In today’s session, a recap on understanding peace, understanding conflict and violence was held. Which included basics of a conflict, types of a conflict, factors and cause of a conflict and violence. Multiple group activities was also a huge part of the training which increased the participation of our trainees and brainstorm on identifying conflict matters in their towns. Not only this, they have also grasped how they can be an advocate for peace and resolve an issue.

In our morning session Obbo Hamdan Senbii, officer at peace and security office in Shashamane town started off the training by remembering the forum peace promotional activity done by the volunteers and thanked CDCB & all who participated on the efficient work that has been done. He continued to advice the youth to use all the opportunities that is being provided to them.

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