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Peace Building and dialogue skills training at shahemane Day-1

Peace Building and dialogue skills training at shahemane Day-1

Peace is a monumental phenomenon for everything, from a personal stand point to a country’s wellbeing. It contributes to economic and social wellbeing as well. One of the initiative of CDCB is to ensure and promote peace amongst towns that have a history of hostility. In this round, Robe, Adaba, Kofele and Dodola are the targeted towns. After a fruitful training days in Robe for robe and Adaba Youth peace volunteers , Center  for development and capacity building has made its next destination at shasheane to continue conducting a four day training on Peace Building and Dialogue skills for Koefele and Dodola youth volunteers.

In our first session of the first day training understanding voluntarism, understanding peace and types of peace were discussed in detail. In the second session the basics of conflict, understanding of conflict, conflict dimensions were discussed.  Further more trainees were given the platform to identify conflicts causes that are currently issues in their towns. This will help them to address the root cause and in return they can find a targeted solution for it.

We believe that trainees had a good understanding of the topics that were discussed and had  laid a good   foundation for the topics to be covered  further in  the days to come so that at the end of the training they are qualified Peace youth advocate and dialogue facilitator  in their respective towns

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