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Day 2 of community Dialogue in Robe.

Day 2 of community Dialogue in Robe.

Conducting a Community Dialogue draws participants from different section of a community and creates opportunity to exchange information and prespective and developing solutions to issue of interest to the community. CDCB has taken the lead to host a community Dialogue in 4 Oromia towns namely Robe, Adaba, Dodola and Kofele along with Youth Peace Volunteers of each town.

In today’s plenary Women of Robe town came together to discuss various key points such as promoting peace, the social cohesion in their towns among different religion and culture and their role and their responsibility in promoting peace as women in their own community as well.

Finally they have given their full consent and support that they will stand by the Youth Volunteer of robe  to strengthen and promote peace in their town and continue on this journey with them. The women’s of Robe have also given their appreciations  to CDCB for organizing an bringing such platform.

Previous Community dialogue in Robe has started

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