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Validation Workshop on Training Toolkits

Validation Workshop on Training Toolkits

CDCB and partners conducted a validation workshop on training toolkits.

Today (June 30, 2022), over 20 CDCB partners and key stakeholders, including policymakers from House of Federation, Mistry of Peace, Ministry of youth and social affairs, and trainers and facilitators was gathered in Elilly International Hotel to validate Youth Leadership Dialogue toolkit.  With his opening remarks, Dr. Zeleke Tefaye advisor to the Speaker of the House Federation and head of the office of the House of federation expressed government’s commitment to support such initiatives that promotes democracy and pluralism. 

The toolkit was peppered following the stakeholder analysis and mapping that helped in identifying the challenges related to youth participation in governance and leadership, socio-political activities and peace building.  The toolkit was designed pursuant to these challenges and expected to address these challenges. Accordingly, the training toolkit has 4 themes (youth leadership, Human Rights, Constitution & Federalism, Peace Building and Non-violent communications. 

Based on feedback and recommendations provided from the validation workshop, a set of training toolkit will be further enriched and will be used for training.

Validation workshop participants affirmed the relevance of the themes addressed in the toolkit to the current youth leadership challenges and their commitment to support the initiatives.

The training will target leaders or potential leaders from government, non-governmental organizations, media professional, universities and political parties.

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