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Day 1 of Community Peace Dialogue in Dodola

Day 1 of Community Peace Dialogue in Dodola

After a successful trip to Adaba for three days for a Community Peace Dialogue, CDCB has again made its destination to another town, Dodola. As it is known earlier this year CDCB had given a training for four towns for Youth Peace Volunteers regarding Peace Building and dialogue.  After completing all the prior activities according to their action plan, the last activity was conducting a community peace Dialogue which will last for three days.

On the first day of this peace dialogue, the women of dodola got together to discuss about the peace circumstance in their town. They have talked about factors that are contributing to the disruption of their harmony in their community in detail. Misinformation that passes along the social media, misinterpretation and misunderstanding are of the few the elements that were raised. The last on the agenda for the day was what the suitable solutions to the raised factors are and how they can contribute as women to their society to have a sustainable peace and social cohesion among their community. They have also given their thanks to the youth volunteers and CDCB for engaging in such matter of fact and hoped they will continue such dialogue in the future as well.

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