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Day 1 of Community Peace Dialogue in Kofele

Day 1 of Community Peace Dialogue in Kofele

Following our stay in Dodola, we made our next and last destination at kofele, a town that is found 27 km away from Shashemane, for the ongoing peace dialogue that was being held since June 26th.

On the first day of plenary discussion of Peace Dialogue, Youth of Kofele came together to discuss about Peace condition and factors that are contribute  as a setback or reason for the disturbance of peace and harmony in their community . Among the factors that they have raised about more or less the same factors as the previous cities which is the social media (Facebook, Youtube and other outlet). The social media of course can be a great tool if used for a good cause, but at the same time it can be a dreadful tool as well. Fake news and misinformation is being passed along this media it has the tendency to cause a great distraction in one’s community. Hence they Youths of Kofele mentioned this factor as a primary cause for the disturbance of peace in their town. Not only this but also, following that they have discussed on what the possible solution for the factors raised above can be.

Lastly they have mentioned how grateful they are for the youth peace volunteers of their town and appreciated them to keep working on their work by promising them that the youth of Kofele will stand by their side in order to bring a sustainable peace in their community and town.

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