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Research team organize document on their field work

Research team organize document on their field work

The research Team the CDCB recently dispatched to the field to southern Ethiopia for data collection are organizing documents based on reports of their coverage under the different data collection tools (Focus Group Discussions, In-depth Interviews, and Key Informant Interviews). The objective of conducting the data is to get input to the Social Network Analysis (SNA) that would in the long run help resolve challenges communities living along the frontiers of two or more countries face.  

Members of the Team returned from the mission around mid-September and have been compiling the information thus collected. In the data collection drive, the Team members worked to identify the frequency, format, and types of interactions organizations have with one another and to build local leadership capacity of the areas in focus.   


The Team visited an area referred to as the Moyale Cluster that covers six Ethiopian districts of Yabelo, Teletel, Dilo, Dire, Miyo, and Moyale as well as the Kenyan Moyale.  Communities living in these areas have strong socio-cultural ties and economic interdependence. Yet they are affected by conflict, recurrent drought, and other natural disasters that demand attention to alleviate. The communities in these areas lack strong system of cooperation and sufficient attention from the concerned governments. 

Thus, the conclusion is that identification of ways that enhance participation and ownership of development activities and resolving the challenges are integral part of livelihood improvement and peacemaking in the region. This necessitates for thorough assessment of objective conditions on the ground that demands understanding and mapping actors, relationships, and information flows.

With this understanding, members of the Team conducted 27 key informant interviews and 7 focus group discussions in selected districts of the Borana Zone alone. The Borana Zone, located in the southern part of the country shares boundaries with Somalia, Somali Regional State and Kenya to the south, SNNP to the west, and Guji Zone to the north. Yaballo is its administrative center. The total population of the Zone is estimated to be 1.2 million (Zonal BOFED 2022). The Zone is one of the pastoral zones of Oromia Region characterized by chronic food insecurity due to drought, conflict, and desert locust infestation.

Upon their return, members of the Research Team presented details of their activities covering their travel, interaction with the local communities, their observation of situation in the areas mostly of the severe drought (in Borana Zone), challenges they faced and success in meeting their goal.  They stayed for nine days in the field the last of which took them to CIFA Moyale Office Kenya as per the plan to meet and conduct the focus group discussion with the mobilized community members from Kenya Moyale Sub County.        

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