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Dialogue Forum on Youth Leadership under way​

Dialogue Forum on Youth Leadership under way​

Dialogue Forum on Youth Leadership under way

A Dialogue Forum on Youth Leadership organized by the Center for Development and Capacity Building (CDCB) jointly with Forum of Federation-Ethiopian Financed by the e Global Affairs Canada (GAC) is under way at Dream Land Resort in Bushoftu. Participating youth are from different Federal institutions, regional states, opposition parties, media professionals, from civic society and individual social media influencers.

Her Excellency Mrs. Zehra Humed, Deputy Speaker of the House of Federation of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, opened the Forum by making speech according to the arranged programme. From the start she noted that Ethiopians have culture of tolerance that has made it survive despite other negative occurrences. In continuation Mrs. Zehra Humed underscored that the present generation should cherish this culture of tolerance through acquiring knowledge and skill.

The other speaker at the opening session was Esteemed Obbo Dassa Bulcha, Forum of Federation Ethiopia Head who thanked high officials of Council of Federation for their genuine collaboration and critical support in the Forum activities. He extended his thanks to the CDCB and the staff for the successful actualization of the programme in working with us during the last 12 months by accepting our request to work with us, he said. He also expressed his confidence that the training would help youth for learning from each other, create networks, understanding of others’ views and take this skill and knowledge to their constituencies for more influence and impact.

Obbo Amanuel Adinew, CDCB Executive Director on his part welcomed participants and indicated that the organization has since its establishment organized various forums with focus on youth issues. Particularly after the change brought about in the reform of the last four years, the CDCB has extensively working with the youth to capacity development especially in enhancing their capacity to take active role in peacebuilding through online and offline platforms. He expressed his confidence that the youth would solve problems of the country in developing knowledge and skill applicable to do so. The further reiterated that the training is designed in a way it helps the youth to acquire basic skills and knowledge for dialogue based on the evidence generated though intensive stakeholder mapping and analysis; the training materials and delivery formats are prepared by renowned expects of the filed taking into account national and international experiences.

The 4-day training programme on essence of the topic “Ethiopian Youth Leadership Dialogue on Federal Governance, Democracy, Human Rights and Peace” covers major topics: Youth Leadership, Federalism and Constitution, Human Rights, Peacebuilding and no-Violent communications. The training material “A Practical Guide Manual” on Youth Leadership Dialogue skill development was organized and published ahead of time during the one year long research work. The preamble partly states the following: The felicitators/trainers preferred the term ‘Dialogue’ to training as their choice since as they said the knowledge belonged to participants which they share while the professionals facilitate.
“Meaningful participation of the youth in the socio-economic and political activities of the country is crucial. Engaging youth in peace building, leadership, human rights promotion and protection through enhancing their capacity and skill positively contribute towards sustainable peace, development and democratization of the country ….”
The Dialogue over the different issues thus stated continues during the weekdays [up to Friday].

Previous Day 1 of A Youth Leadership Training Commence at Bishoftu.

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