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Fourth Round of Dialogue Forum on Youth Leadership opened today

Fourth Round of Dialogue Forum on Youth Leadership opened today

Fourth Round of Dialogue Forum on Youth Leadership opened today
The fourth round oof Dialogue Forum on Youth Leadership is opened today at the Dreamland Resort Hotel in Bishoftu/Debre Zeit. The training programme is organized by the Center for Development and Capacity Building (CDCB) jointly with Forum of Federations based in Canada with the involvement of Council of Federation.
The four day training programme is opened by Esteemed Ato Tiglu Meles, Director of States’ Relations, and Building of Democratic System and Diversity. In his remarks the Director emphasized that the youth leaders need to acquire skill and knowledge for state building; peace building and social cohesion. He also noted that participants of the programme should actively partake to gain understanding and share
it with others when they go back to their respective sectors.
Ato Amanuel Adnew, CDCB Executive Director on his part welcomed participants and indicated that the organization has since its establishment organized various training programmes and discussion forums.
He said the focus of the last 8 years has been on peace building with the involvement of the youth. In preparing the training manual, he said Youth Leadership has been made part of the component to aware them about issues of the Constitution; Federalism; Democracy; Human Rights and Peace.
Esteemed Ato Yaekob Bekele, Programme Manager with the Forum of Federations briefly introduced the Forum of Federations. He said the Forum of Federations was set up as an NGO in connection to the Quebec issue following the referendum conducted demanding for cessation that was held twice.
Finally, the court ruled on the need for establishment of federal structure in which Quebec remains in the union while enjoying a degree of self-rule. The Dialogue Forum continues deliberations for 4 consecutive days.
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