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Community Consultation Workshop in Negele Arsi

Community Consultation Workshop in Negele Arsi

CDCB has made its next stop at Negele, Arsi to continue the project on “Strengthening and Scaling up of Youth Peace agent (ORO031)”. In this community consultation and a consensus-building workshop, a brief discussion on the project was held. Bringing this matter into the different community members including Abba Gadas and Hadha sinqees of Negele Arsi was a great way to start off our project.

In addition to this, topics such as the meaning of conflict, what kind of approach to take when dealing with different kind of conflicts and how to bring a sustaining solution in the community were thoroughly covered.

Abba Gadas and Hadha Sinqees of Negele has expressed their thoughts and expectations from this project and also shared their ideas on how to move forward from now and here. They have also promised to give their whole support throughout the project’s life-span.

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