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Peace Building and Dialogue Skills Training Day-2

Peace Building and Dialogue Skills Training Day-2

Conflict is inevitable. The problem does not reside in having a conflict, because we cannot avoid a conflict but how we manage and the way we go about it in handling the conflict. Conflict management is a process of dealing perceived incompatibilities or disagreement efficiently. In today’s training, which is a continual of yesterday’s topic conflict management was discussed along with the five conflict management styles namely competing, avoiding, accommodating, compromising and collaborating. Following this, the next topic on the agenda was negotiation. Negotiation is one of the tool that can be used as a conflict resolution method. Apart from this the principle of negotiation was also mentioned.

On the afternoon session, we kicked it off with a reflection session on the topics that was thought earlier from each and every one of our youth volunteers focusing on the conflict resolution tool that is negotiation to evaluate how they have absorbed the idea. Following this meditation and principle of meditation was discussed thoroughly. The last topic to be discussed for the day was the concept of Dialogue, types and the purpose on why to promote dialogue.

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