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Peace Building and Dialogue Skills Training Day-3

Peace Building and Dialogue Skills Training Day-3

Dialogue is a forum that allows participants, drawn from different sections of community, to exchange as much information as possible. The purpose of dialogue is to motivate people or community members to work toward a common vision, understanding, or solution to a specific issue of concern. Bringing dialogue to community as a tool for conflict management is one of the ways we can keep and assure peace. For two consecutive days CDCB has been giving a training on peace building and dialogue skill for Robe and Adaba youth volunteers at Tokuma International Hotel, Robe.

In the first session of today’s training the preconditions to convene a dialogue was listed and thought in detail. Following that, in order to equip our youth volunteer for the task they are about to do in their respective community, how to design a community dialogue was presented and thought. Selecting participants, identifying agenda and identifying dialogue location was discussed as part of designing and implementing dialogue.  our afternoon session, dialogue facilitation which includes  reflecting and clarifying, summarizing,, managing conflicts, using non-verbal signals and few other sub topics were discussed briefly. The last topic to be discussed were the role that is required as a dialogue facilitator and evaluation of a dialogue. In today’s training our trainees were equipped with the necessary tool and information that is needed for the work to be executed by them regarding Dialogue facilitation and skills.

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