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Day 1 of Community Peace Dialogue in Adaba.

Day 1 of Community Peace Dialogue in Adaba.

CDCB’s team has availed itself in Adaba, its second destination, a town which is almost 100 KM away from Robe. CDCB Youth Volunteers of Adaba have organized a community dialogue which will be conducted for the coming three days among various members of Adaba’s community (Youth, Women and Community Leaders).

In today’s session various factors that have had a potential of hindering the town’s peace and solution to those problems were discussed in depth.  The main factor that was pointed out by the youth was the conflict between different religions namely Christian and Muslims. Adaba have had incidents that had in regards with religion in the past. According to the Youth Participants it’s an issue which is still affecting the well-being of their town.

Later in the dialogue the Youth of Adaba had decided to work together bring awareness among their community about the importance of keeping their peace. Not only this but also they have expressed their gratitude toward CDCB and admired the peace Youth Volunteers of CDCB for organizing such plenary.

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