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Online Advocacy project review under way

Online Advocacy project review under way

Workshop organized by CDG in collaboration with NED on Online Youth Community for Peace and Democracy in Oromia is under way at Elilli International Hotel. Participants of the workshop are mainly the youth who are largely Social Media Influencers havING been active during the project implementation.  In addition, there are representatives of Oromia Regional Government relevant offices who are at the forefront in connection to issues of Human Rights, Rule of Law, Good Governance and Peace. On the part of the Donor Partner, NED (National Endowment for Democracy), Mrs. Natalie Cooke, Program Officer, was involved in the workshop.

The program of the workshop was introduced by Mr. Dawit Gudeta, a staff of the CDG (Center for Development and Governance) who invited Mr. Amanuel Adnew, Executive Director, to make an opening speech. Accordingly, Mr. Amanuel Adnew welcomed participants thanking them for honoring invitation extended to them. Initially, he introduced Mrs. Natalie Cooke, an official guest from NED who has been following project performance in maintaining occasional presence with the CDG. He said the project, has been under implementation for quite some time as obviously witnessed over the Social Media and the mainstream media exhibiting the progress of the activities. He added that the workshop intends to review performance in which the successes would be promoted and challenges would be noted for further actions.

Mrs. Natalie Cooke on her part indicated that the NED has been working with the CDG for a few years with the aim of providing support with resource and consultation to help alleviate prevailing challenges the country faces with respect to Human Rights, Rule of Law, Good Governance and Peace Building. She said that NED promotes intercommunity issues of relations for peace and social cohesion.  In addition, she acknowledged that CDG has a large followers witnessed under the project, which should be maintained through open and honest relations coupled with retaining the courage in motion as a part of the way forward.  

Mr. Eshetu Yadeta, Judge with Oromia Supreme Court who has been part of the project implementation in provision of trainings on Human Rights, Rule of Law, Good Governance and Peace Building, issues he has mastered over the years. Citing about a particular characteristics of online media, he said communities could communicate through the modern facilities of communication across space and time with the need for physical connection that used to be the case in the past. He explained that the project has been highly valuable in promoting social values cherished by the society through generations on end. An added value he cited in this regard was the introduction of customary practices in Oromia Region to be functional simultaneously with the formal justice – a component of this project – which has been highly effective and appreciated by the communities.

The day long workshop continues to discuss issues under the 4 thematic issues (Human Rights, Rule of Law, Good Governance and Peace Building) and is expected to recommend the way forward in such a way that gains of the project shall be sustained through continuous engagements.      


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