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Association leaders (Local community) Local & Regional Government and Private Companies Consultation on Protecting Lake Dambal February 12, 2022 Batu

A project aimed at Protecting Lake Dambel (Ziway) through a concerted effort of local actor is under implementation by CDCB with the financial support from UNDP-Global Environment Facility – Small Grant Program.The project’s key stakeholders are the Local community represented by the leadership and members of the “Association to Save Lake Damabl”, from local leadership […]

Youth Dialogue initiative Planning session

Center for development and Capacity Building (CDCB) in partnership with Forum of Federation held a workshop meeting today  at Elilly International Hotel to discuss on “Youth leader’s capacity building on federal governance, democracy and Peace” Project. The main purpose of this workshop was to synthesize and discuss various topics which will be embedded in the […]

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