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Jalqabbii Pirojektii CDCBtii fi Miidhaa Hongeen Godina Boranaatti Geessise

Wiirtuu Misoomaa fi Ijaarsa Dandeetti yookiin Center for Development and Capacity Building (CDCB)n michuu (wahiila)isaa adda duree kan ta’e dhaabbata Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) jedhamu waliin wal ta’uun proojektii haraa godina Booranaa, Anaalee Miyoo fi Moyaalee keessatti hojjechuuf karoorfatee ture hoojiirra oolchuuf torbee jalqabaa ji’a gurraandhala bara 2023 keessa sochii jalqabee jira. Kaayyoodhuma hojii kanaatif […]

CDCB anticipated the current scenario-“Forewarned is forearmed”

Center for Development and Capacity (CDCB) had organized a Panel discussion on “Anticipated Religious Conflict” in Ethiopia in March 2021.  Focus of the discussion at the time ‘secularism, religion and identity’ issues. It was a panel discussion organized based on the rapid assessment conducted to identify issues of conflict and their causes. The assessment revealed […]


Center for Development and Capacity Building (CDCB) commence project implementation in Moyale Woreda (District) with its partner, Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO). Two man team from CDCB and a staff of VSO traveled to the area (January 31, 2023) for preliminary assessment and startup activities that would lead to the actual implementation of the project titled […]

Hara Dambal Conservation Revamped

CDCB revamped last phase of project activities on Hara Dambal (Dambal Lake) Conservation last week with preparation for developing tree seedlings, according to the project implementation plan. Project Coordinator of the CDCB, organizes sprouting of the seedlings at selected sites around the lake.

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