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Day 3 of Community Peace Dialogue in Kofele

The third and last day of Community Peace Dialogue was held on july 6 with kofele community leaders which includes Abba Gedas, Hadah Sinques and different religious leaders. The discussion points being similar to the pervious days, community leaders raised ideas from their perspective and mentioned factors that are contributing to the disturbance of peace […]

Day 2 of community Peace Dialogue in Kofele

We are approaching the end of this remarkable Community Peace Dialogue. On the second day of peace dialogue women’s of kofele have had the chance to come together and further discuss about the same topics as the previous day regarding the peace situation in their neighborhood and community. They have raised elements like unemployment and […]

Day 1 of Community Peace Dialogue in Kofele

Following our stay in Dodola, we made our next and last destination at kofele, a town that is found 27 km away from Shashemane, for the ongoing peace dialogue that was being held since June 26th. On the first day of plenary discussion of Peace Dialogue, Youth of Kofele came together to discuss about Peace […]

Day 3 of Community Peace Dialogue in Dodola

The third day of community peace dialogue at dodola was held on july 3rd, Sunday with various community leaders of the town. Community leaders (Abba Gedas, Hadha Sinquees and religious leaders), discussed the Peace condition of their town from their perspective and what they have had experienced thus far. The discussion points being the peace […]

Day 2 of Community Peace Dialogue in Dodola

We are on the second day of conducting a community peace dialogue in Dodola. In today’s plenary discussion Youth of Dodola town were the participants to discuss more on the peace condition of their town. The engagement of the youth in strengthen and maintaining peace is quite monumental for any society. In this particular dialogue […]

Day 1 of Community Peace Dialogue in Dodola

After a successful trip to Adaba for three days for a Community Peace Dialogue, CDCB has again made its destination to another town, Dodola. As it is known earlier this year CDCB had given a training for four towns for Youth Peace Volunteers regarding Peace Building and dialogue.  After completing all the prior activities according […]

Day 3 of Community Peace Dialogue at Adaba

Marking the last day of Community Peace Dialogue with Women of adaba to discuss about sustainable peace and social cohesion in their town more in depth. In this particular plenary women of adaba shared their thoughts on with respect to topics that were discussed on prior days. Women’s hold a large percentage in most society, […]

Day 1 of Community Peace Dialogue in Adaba.

CDCB’s team has availed itself in Adaba, its second destination, a town which is almost 100 KM away from Robe. CDCB Youth Volunteers of Adaba have organized a community dialogue which will be conducted for the coming three days among various members of Adaba’s community (Youth, Women and Community Leaders). In today’s session various factors […]

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