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CDG accomplished different tasks at one go

CDG accomplished different tasks at one go

The Center for Development and Governance (CDG) accomplished different activitiesfrom mid April to the beginning of May 2024 in Moyale and Miyo Districts of Borana Zone.  The activities were accomplished under “Integrating Peace Development and Humanitarian Effort (IPDHE) project.  Initially, the CDG   organized  multi stakeholders’ platform at Moyale and Miyo Districts of Borana Zone. The platform participants who discussed on sustainable peace, resilience and development issues included community representatives, NGOs, authorities of relevant government offices, Community Based Organizations, IGAD.representative, the Custom Commission etc.

The other task the CDG performed was training provided to relevant government officials at Moyale on details of the concept of peace and conflict; typology of conflicts; causes and sources of conflicts; conflict sensitive leadership; conflict sensitive communication; and level of application of conflict sensitive leadership. The training was provided by an expert having profound knowledge on the issues.

The third task in the list was consultative meeting on policy dialogue held at Moyale.  It was held among government office representatives, community and peace committee members on policy issues that are directly or indirectly afffect peace along the border areas of the District. The meeting conducted this time on the Ethiopian side was held in the presence of IGAD representative. The participants identified major causes and sources of conflict pervasively affecting the community living along and across Ethio – Kenya border.

The fourth task was setting up of and training provided to the women Village Saving and Lending Association (VSLA) involving 30 members selected from Moyale District. The topics covered under the training were rural entrepreneurship, financial literacy, VSLA approaches and principles of lending and borrowing mechanisms. At the end of the training session the participants unanimously agreed to save the expense allocated to  participants, lunch and transport allowance in the bank account of the Association opened with Cooperative Bank of Oromia Moyale Branch. Accordingly,a total of Birr 84,000.00 (eighty-four) was deposited with the account as a startup fund for transaction of lending and borrowing.

All the activities are covered under the IPDHE project funded by the Australian Development Agency (ADA).

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