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The CDG Support IDPs under IPDHE Project

The CDG Support IDPs under IPDHE Project

The CDG in partnership with VSO–Ethiopia and Austrian Development Agency (ADA) provided support to the IDPs in Dambi Chame locality of Moyale District in Borana Zone trough the project, “Integrating Peace Development and Humanitarian Effort (IPDHE)”. The IPDHE included crises modifier scheme in which it is now supporting IDPs (Internally Displaced People) who sheltered away from their homestead.

The CDG had conducted pre-intervention assessment into conditions of the IDPs through observation and discussion with relevant government and community leaders. Accordingly, the organization exerted efforts to obtain sufficient evidence about the impact of the drought and identified the most affected persons eligible for the ‘crises modifier scheme’ to provide the required support.

Based on the assessment the CDG decided to support 200 needy persons in the project target area and had recently deployed a team to the spot where the IDPs sheltered needing basic humanitarian support (food, water, shelter and even clothing). The CDG approved eligibility of the beneficiaries based on evidences received from the assessment team and decided to proceed with the process of the delivery. The support included purchased 100 quintal’s of maize flour and 1000 litter cooking oil delivered to the beneficiaries in collaboration with District Busa Gonofa Office and other relevant government offices and community leaders.

The food aid was prioritized by local officials and the involvement of IDPs themselves. This support would give relief for the needy while strengthening the CDG-community relations for further collaborations in resilience building. The objective of the activity is to look for an opportunity to the IDPs to opt for jobs creation and become productive once their basic need is met. The IDPs are expected to establish good relationship with the community and local authorities for further collaboration in the implementation of the project.

IPDHE is based on triple nexus approach in which Peace, Development and humanitarian support are integrated. Crises Modifier is augmentation of peace and development in the assumptions that human need begins with physical need and hungry community cannot be motivated for peace and development activities. Therefore, IPDHE assumes that if we give a relief for hungry people off their food need, then we can talk about peace and development with them.

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