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Training on Digital Peace building – Day 2

The digital media and digital world have become the norm of life in the world and has been growing rapidly all over the world. The world has now become more connected than ever. Information and various resources about everything and anything are now just a click away. This can be a helpful phenomenon if used […]

Training on Digital Peace Building DAY-1

In a world where technology has become the fastest growing phenomena, it is impossible not to associate our lives with the digital world and be affected by it in some way. This massive platform has presented various ways to communicate, share ideas and spread information in a way that is accessible and easy for almost […]

Community Consultation Workshop in Negele Arsi

CDCB has made its next stop at Negele, Arsi to continue the project on “Strengthening and Scaling up of Youth Peace agent (ORO031)”. In this community consultation and a consensus-building workshop, a brief discussion on the project was held. Bringing this matter into the different community members including Abba Gadas and Hadha sinqees of Negele […]

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