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Consensus Building among Stakeholders on Human Rights

Consensus Building among Stakeholders on Human Rights

Human Rights (HR) issues are among priorities of the Center for Development and Capacity Building ever since its establishment. To this effect, the Center has established ‘online youth community’ in order to effectively make use of the social media for HR, Peace and Good Governance promotion. We have designated April 2023 as the month of the social media (Facebook) engagement to promote HR and increasing youth followers to have more impact. The engagement includes competition/challenges, information updates and consultative workshops.  This workshop is part of reaching wider stakeholders to build consensus among key stakeholder leadership and the youth so that HR promotion and protection issues gain the concerted efforts of the broader range of societies.

The Center took up the HR as its priority to contribute towards peace and trust building in and among communities across the country. It is a priority issue to the CDCB and understandably to other stakeholders, not least the Government, because Human Rights violations inevitably lead to violence. Violence again causes devastation manifested in death and destruction, which could extend to breakup of the society possibly due to recurrent reprisals of compounded violence.  

The CDCB thus has worked extensively on public awareness raising through digital platform in collaboration with partners, most notably the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and relevant Government Institutions. We enthusiastically expect that the outcome of this workshop shall be reverberated over the media outlets to create a lasting impact in the promotion of Human Rights!

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