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Youth volunteers discuss role of SM for restoration of peace

Youth volunteers discuss role of SM for restoration of peace

The Center for Development and Governance formerly CDCB organized discussion at Elilli International Hotel on (January 2, 2024) on the role of Social Media (SM) for the restoration of peace in Oromia Region. This discussion was a continuation of online campaign targeting youth volunteers who have been part of the activity that gained momentum recently.
The initiative of creating online youth community emanates from recognition of the role of Social Media towards restoration of peace in Oromia Region and the country at large. It is part of an effort of creating impact to minimize hostile tendency over the SM which could exasperate violence.
The discussion was held on agenda framed as “sub Regional Dialogues on the Challenges of Conflict and its Impact on Human Rights, Rule of Law and Good Governance vis-à-vis the Way out”.At the outset Mr. Amanuel Adnew Woldeyes, Executive Director of CDG welcomed participants and introduced background to the online advocacy issues in which he highlighted the background of the CDG and the project in general and the workshop i particular.
Before inception of the dialogue, Mr. Eshetu Yadeta, Judge with Oromia Supreme Court made presentation on Human Rights, Rule of Law and Good Governance which are the basis for peace and sustainable development for a country. He emphasized that the three are essential components of lasting peace. Mr. Eshetu Yadeta spoke of the role of Social Media in promoting Human Rights, Rule of Law and Good Governance as the modern means of communication, which is swift having strong impact. He also cited that violations of human rights are prevalent in Oromia as evidenced by reports of Ethiopian Human rights Commission on different occasions on events like killing of Karrayyu Abba Gadaas a few years ago.

Another presentation was done by a staff of the CDG, Mr. Eyob Tilahun who covered the online activities of the organization including campaign conducted in the form of competitions. He said the CDG has reached over 650,000 SM users. He added that the CDG has approached several SM influencer who have thousands of followers virtually with capacity to influence.   

Participants primarily drawn from different sectors, academic institutions, legal departments and largely the Social Media influencers appreciated the program that discussed means of influencing for the restoration of peace.

The participants thus vowed to do their part towards meeting the anticipated role of the Social Media and other means of communication.

 The discussion was initiated under a project supported by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) which is a continuation of other projects.

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